Coban Lawe Waterfall

Coban Lawe Waterfall located in Pudak Sub-District, in this area there are three waterfall namely The First of Coban Lawe Stair, The Second of Coban Lawe Stair and The Third of Coban Coban Lawe Lawe Stair. The natural atmosphere and the sound of water from the fountain that flows be an awesome sight. The food and vegetables come from the garden growers and the fresh milk from the milking results makes the pleasure of dining atmosphere at this place.

Your journey to the location of Coban Lawe of Ponorogo Town will be decorated by the vast natural landscapes. Location of the waterfall in the highlands makes you can enjoy spacious the landmark of Ponorogo. Nature in this area is still maintained and conserved so well that the tourists who come to visit the tourist area will be spoiled once by the green areas of Ponorogo. The view that you feel when traveling with family, friends or your colleagues may be more pronounced delicious.

Photo from Andy Agung blog, & waroksarpon blog




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