Unique name and makes people keep asking. Mt. Bedes located in Dusun buyut at Ngadirojo village, Sooko Sub-Districs, Ponorogo Regency. An highlands where we can see around to Bayang Kaki Mountain point of interest, a stretch of the trees is green teasing our eyes to linger in this place , chunk of large stone also increased the wish of the visitor to ascend , for those who have the guts and climbing skill, this encourage adrenaline.

Mt. Bedes keep the unique where in every chunk of rocks having typical each as a stone fire, stone seats, stone selfie and other stone. This location is totally suitable for tourists who love the world ascent and used to bagpacker traveling. This area will make you feel satisfied when it has reached its peak. For audience photography this location is highly supportive of to get results an image so good moreover for seekers sunrise picture.

Photo by blog explore sejarah dan budaya indonesia, blog elzhito dan inzanami.com




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