Ngebel Lake Ponorogo

Ngebel Lake is a natural lake that located in Ngebel Sub-District in Ponorogo Regency. The location is located about 24 km toward the northeast from the central town of ponorogo, be on the slopes wilis. Ngebel Lake surrounded the road along 5km. This area had an amazing natural panorama. Natural conditions very beautiful and cool kept a stories and will be deeply disappointed if tourist not visit this destination. Around area furnished with many tourism agro fruit and vegetables , a Toyo Marto Waterfall, Gerojogan Widodaren , Three Taste Water, Kucur Bathara and Hot Springs Tirta Husada believed by people that can cure skin diseases.

Many areas can be exploration by tourists while visiting pool ngebel. Do not worry for the high cost of tourism. In addition to the cost of cheap tourism , if you want to enjoy a pool ngebel for several days you can stayed at the hotel and losmen in the area Ngebel Lake tourism. Enjoy Ngebel Lake at all times, you will learn how wonderful and fresh for enjoying natural attraction here.

Photo from, padangmbulan (deviantart) & own file.


IDR 7.000,00


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